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I am gob smacked that my last blog was post is dated 2017! Sorry about that. Still here, still making are though that has slowed a bit (life, you know...) but all in all I have no problems in my life, for which I am grateful.

Until next time.............

Well? Not so sure sometimes when I look at what is  happening in our country  at the national political level. Then I realize I probably think things are so crazy  because I'm living through them. When I think about the 30's say, with the Great Depression, the rise of Hitler, labor unions trying to form and so on I don't believe I have it so bad after all.

Nothing has been written here because, truthfully, I rarely think of the Blog. It's not that I'm afraid of writing, in fact, I consider myself a competent writer. It's more along the lines of 'oh yeah, I've neglected the blog, better write something' kind of thing.

It's been said having a blog to accompany your website is a good idea. Probably so, if lots of people are viewing said website. In my  case, I don't think so. Mainly due to my lack of publicizing and promoting my work.

Changes, though, are on the horizon. As more feedback is received that people like my artwork and photographs the more I am motivated to take this more seriously and  devote additional time to my craft.

Of course to do so means I have to discipline myself to sit down and a) write a blog on a regular basis, b) sharpen up my marketing skills for my art and pictures c) enable some kind of on line purchasing d) become an expert in packaging and shipping framed and unframed art and photos.

Whew! Makes me tired just writing that.

When I last wrote here, it was about being invited to have a photo show at a local restaurant. It is going on right now and I have to say, I'm glad I was asked and glad I said yes. I learned  how to mat and frame photos  and make it look professional. I learned that people would buy my  photos. I learned the best way to sell art, or really  anything I suppose, is to form a relationship with the buyer.

So all in all, all really is well and I have no complaints. I hope the same is going on with you.

Until next time...............

I'm trying to be funny with the title since it is now May. About 90 days have passed since I last blogged with you. Since that time I have been asked to participate in a showing of my photographs at a local restaurant.


Fortunately I have until January 2017 to get ready. Most of my pictures have never been printed and once they are, unless I output them on something like glass, metal or canvas will require a frame and in some cases, a mat.  So there is some work and an expense I never thought about when I wasn't  taking pictures.


It's funny, just like with art I draw or paint, photos are very  fun to take. All the rest of this stuff, markteting, selling etc, is too much like work for me to enjoy that.

But I sure do like making  art :)

This is the Edmonds Ferry.


Talk with you again soon.

A little reminder that it had been a while since posting here reveals it was like 7 months since I blogged. I am gobsmacked ..........

My  work was in Petite Sweet for quite a long time. Though I didn't sell anything having the work out in public is no doubt better than  having it  here in the apartment.

I have been working on more pieces but they are more like practice as I try to grasp the idea of painting, starting with acrylics. I have done a few things. One of which is posted here.  Getting the feel of brush pressure, how much paint to load on the brush, the way the paint leaves the brush and gets on the canvas are all things I have no idea about. This learn as you go stuff is interesting, fun, scary and occasionally frightening.

What is best about this whole "I am an artist" thing is comparing what it is like now to what  it was like when I started. My view of my work, the value I place on it and how I process feedback have all changed dramatically since I first put pastel to paper in 2002. The encouragment I get from others is empowering and I like to believe I do the same for anyone else.

I think I'll keep going.......... :)


Some of my artwork is now on display at Petite Sweet in downtown Everett. I have several more pieces, like the one you see here, that need to be framed. I wanted to post something because it's already been nearly two months since I did so. If I go too long, I might forget, you know? If you have any creative urges you've not acted on, for what ever reason, I encourage you to do so. I can't tell you how many people compliment me on my work and it took a while before I truly accepted what they said as valid. So now I get people telling me 'I wish I could do something like that', pointing at a piece I did. I just want to scream (in a nice way)' You can! The  secret is in the doing. Nothing more to it than that.'

That's all for now. Be kind to yourselves............

I thought I'd stop by and update my website blog in  the event someone is reading these entries.

I'm showing my work in Petite Sweet (same location as Pave) Bakery in Everett in June. 

The groove (or is it rut?) I'm in with what has been called 'cartoonish' drawings continues and those the ones I will show. 
I have made a commitment to enter a 10x10 piece in a show in Lake Chelan, where the work is displayed anonymously. Last time I did this, I sold! 

So I'd better get to work............


Someone made a gift to me of a nice Nikon DSLR camera so I'm hoping my photos will reflect better equipment.

Not that anyone was beating down my doors and demanding I throw a few words together. :)  For me it's just time passing by so quickly I am always astounded how long it's been since I updated any readers of what's new in my art world.

Since I've last written I've been blessed with a granddaughter (my first), been back to Michigan to celebrate my dad's 85 birthday, sold a painting or two and come into possession of a very nice Nikon dSLR 

I believe will help elevate my photo taking to another level.





I have been stuck, for lack of a better word, on drawing using points of color and using animals as my main subjects. Not sure why, I just let it out and whatever happens, happens. Though I am beginning to think about going in a different direction as I seek a style. I'm self taught and so I really have to focus on the technical aspects of creating images (shading, pallete, composition etc) while trying to find what kind of drawing or painting expresses my point of view best. 

Don't know yet what it is but like I said, I just let it happen. And for the last year or so it's been points of color, or dots or short strokes when using pastels.

On a side note I still have a job, can see the work finish line (retirement) on the horizon and need to be ready when that happens. It probably means more volunteering and certainly more time to create images whether using a camera or my hands.

 Thanks for reading, I promise not to be away so long next time.



It's been a while (April to be exact) since I last wrote here. Since that time I have gone to Scotland, Michigan and relocated from one apartment to another in the same building.

I took several pictures on the trip to Scotland and the trip to Michigan and have posted a few here.

I've also been putting the latest works I've done in colored pen mostly, using dots versus

strokes (see work in process). Being self taught I have to experiment and play around to learn things and so my work sometimes has a random and scattered feel to it (my words- no one has ever said that to me).

I ran into someone I hadn't seen in 15 years or more the other day at the Fresh Paint festival in Everett. As we caught up she talked about doing a painting a day and how that helped keep her focused.

I'm not sure I have the discipline to do that but it does get me thinking!