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Here's the place where I try to be witty and clever...........

Well? Not so sure sometimes when I look at what is  happening in our country  at the national political level. Then I realize I probably think things are so crazy  because I'm living through them. When I think about the 30's say, with the Great Depression, the rise of Hitler, labor unions trying to form and so on I don't believe I have it so bad after all.

Nothing has been written here because, truthfully, I rarely think of the Blog. It's not that I'm afraid of writing, in fact, I consider myself a competent writer. It's more along the lines of 'oh yeah, I've neglected the blog, better write something' kind of thing.

It's been said having a blog to accompany your website is a good idea. Probably so, if lots of people are viewing said website. In my  case, I don't think so. Mainly due to my lack of publicizing and promoting my work.

Changes, though, are on the horizon. As more feedback is received that people like my artwork and photographs the more I am motivated to take this more seriously and  devote additional time to my craft.

Of course to do so means I have to discipline myself to sit down and a) write a blog on a regular basis, b) sharpen up my marketing skills for my art and pictures c) enable some kind of on line purchasing d) become an expert in packaging and shipping framed and unframed art and photos.

Whew! Makes me tired just writing that.

When I last wrote here, it was about being invited to have a photo show at a local restaurant. It is going on right now and I have to say, I'm glad I was asked and glad I said yes. I learned  how to mat and frame photos  and make it look professional. I learned that people would buy my  photos. I learned the best way to sell art, or really  anything I suppose, is to form a relationship with the buyer.

So all in all, all really is well and I have no complaints. I hope the same is going on with you.

Until next time...............