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Here's the place where I try to be witty and clever...........

Here we go again! In yet another attempt to attract attention to my website I suppose I'll drop a few lines here to keep my writing chops sharp.

In the last year or two I have been using some photo editing software to create images, taking LOTS of photos and doing some drawing and a very little painting.

On top of this I host a weekly radio show (except right now during the Covid 19 situation) which consumes a bit of time and I still go to work every day. 

This is not an excuse for why I don't blog more often, just an accounting of what I do with my time. I always have good intentions to exercise my creativity muscles but alas, often fall into the trap of settling down with a video or something. That's all it takes to get me off the scent.
Here is yet another promise to myself and anyone reading this; I will write more often, paint more often and think postiive thoughts about the world more often! 

Play nice and talk with you soon.