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Here's the place where I try to be witty and clever...........

I am always amazed at how quickly time passes in relation to the last time the website was updated and refreshed. It's been 6 weeks or so since my last blog. Where did that time go?

Some new drawings and photographs have been posted. I sometimes am often overwhelmed with the beauty and grandeur of our world and the people in it. Since committing myself to being an artist, by that I mean believing I have a voice and what I have to offer is valid and legitimate, it's changed the way I see things.

Beauty in the form of pictures, drawings and photos appear to me all the time.  That proves, I think, we find what we are looking for in this world.

As a child I learned art was Michaelangelo, Piccaso or Da Vinci. Now I know different. Art is whatever inspires, motivates, touches or  moves me.   This can be the sun reflecting off a flower, a bird in flight, the laughter of a child, music, food or dance. It can be movies, architecture or carpentry. Art is everywhere and I want to share what I see with you.