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Here's the place where I try to be witty and clever...........

A little reminder that it had been a while since posting here reveals it was like 7 months since I blogged. I am gobsmacked ..........

My  work was in Petite Sweet for quite a long time. Though I didn't sell anything having the work out in public is no doubt better than  having it  here in the apartment.

I have been working on more pieces but they are more like practice as I try to grasp the idea of painting, starting with acrylics. I have done a few things. One of which is posted here.  Getting the feel of brush pressure, how much paint to load on the brush, the way the paint leaves the brush and gets on the canvas are all things I have no idea about. This learn as you go stuff is interesting, fun, scary and occasionally frightening.

What is best about this whole "I am an artist" thing is comparing what it is like now to what  it was like when I started. My view of my work, the value I place on it and how I process feedback have all changed dramatically since I first put pastel to paper in 2002. The encouragment I get from others is empowering and I like to believe I do the same for anyone else.

I think I'll keep going.......... :)