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Here's the place where I try to be witty and clever...........

I'm trying to be funny with the title since it is now May. About 90 days have passed since I last blogged with you. Since that time I have been asked to participate in a showing of my photographs at a local restaurant.


Fortunately I have until January 2017 to get ready. Most of my pictures have never been printed and once they are, unless I output them on something like glass, metal or canvas will require a frame and in some cases, a mat.  So there is some work and an expense I never thought about when I wasn't  taking pictures.


It's funny, just like with art I draw or paint, photos are very  fun to take. All the rest of this stuff, markteting, selling etc, is too much like work for me to enjoy that.

But I sure do like making  art :)

This is the Edmonds Ferry.


Talk with you again soon.